Micro Safety Knives

The Slice® Safety Cutter 00200 is an award-winning innovative tool that’s safe, convenient, and versatile. Its unique ergonomic mouse shape and rubberized non-slip material allow you to open, trim and cut with ease and comfort. This powerful little cutter has a minimally exposed micro-blade that is also finger friendly®, keeping you safe while cutting a wide variety of materials. It’s incredibly portable and convenient with an in-built magnet and key ring hole for easy access and storage, plus it’s suitable for left- and right-handed users. Slice remains the first choice for safety and effectiveness in industrial settings and is now recognized as the leading safety cutter in homes. From its daily use on production floors to opening everyday items at home, the Safety Cutter makes people and places safer.

  • Finger-friendly® micro-blade with minimum exposure to maximize safety
  • Ergonomic design and rubberized non-slip material for comfort and ease of use
  • Compact and lightweight, so it’s highly portable
  • Built-in magnet and keyring hole for additional convenience
  • Suitable for left- and right-handed users
  • Slice® blades last 11.2x longer than traditional blades

Great for:

  • Slicing food packaging
  • Opening boxes, packages and envelopes
  • Opening difficult clamshell and blister packaging
  • Cutting shrink wrap, bags, labels and tape