Manual Pen Cutter

The Slice® Manual Pen Cutter 10513 allows you to work safely with a versatile tool that fits perfectly in your hand. With the familiar, sleek shape of a pen, this tool is comfortable to hold, highly portable, and easy to store. Used as a box cutter or all-purpose knife, the finger-friendly® blade will keep you safe – and can be manually retracted when not in use. Suitable for left- and right-handed workers, the cutter also has a reinforced handle for outstanding durability. Slice remains the first choice for safety and effectiveness in industrial settings and is now recognized as the leading safety tool in domestic settings. From its daily use in offices, factory floors, and homes, the Manual Pen Cutter makes common cutting tasks safer and easier.

  • Finger-friendly® blade is the only safety blade on the market
  • An easy-grip slider allows you to manually retract the blade when not in use
  • Reinforced nylon handle ensures outstanding durability
  • Suitable for left- and right-handed workers
  • Slice® blades last 11.2x longer than traditional blades

Great for:

  • Opening cardboard boxes and packages
  • Slicing plastic packaging and shrink wrap
  • Cutting tape, card stock, vinyl stickers and fiberglass