Airwave Air cushion Machines

SAS International marine Services represents Floeter  Air cushion products in this region. Airwave , the next generation Air cushioning machines introduced by Floeter is quick, quiet, connected to Bluetooth, modular and cost-efficient. It is programmable and can be seamlessly integrated into Floeter’s system technology.

Air cushions are first choice for a variety of reasons. Air cushions protect the cargo against shock and can be used individually as one pillow, as longer air cushion fillers (for larger cavities) or as air cushion wrapper (as an intermediate layer or for wrapping). Further they are environment friendly as they consist of 99% air and only 1% foil/film which also makes them very cost effective with minimal carbon footprint.

Air Cushion Application:

  • Empty space or cavities can be intelligently filled with Air cushions to prevent breakage
  • Provides stability to goods. And avoid their movement.
  • Air Cushions can be used very well as edge protectors. They protect the environment and are impact- absorbing.
  • Avoids transport damage by flexible intermediate layers or liners.
  • No packaging material is as flexible as an air cushion wrapper. It perfectly adapts to any shape and is reliable against breakage.


Advantages of air cushion machine (Airwave) at a glance:

  • Modern, premium design
  • New ergonomic program functions
  • Lock functions
  • One-key technology
  • 4 program locations
  • Programmable power-safe mode
  • 6 kg
  • CE and RoHS approved
  • 8-10 m/min.
  • Extremely quiet – is greater than 60db
  • universal power supply 115-230 volts
  • Bluetooth control (optional)
  • Isolates when and where unacceptable conditions occur and aids in the identification of accountable parties.
  • Allows for corrective action in cases of potential impact, vibration, tilt, roll, temperature, humidity, and pressure extremes.
  • Pinpoints potential areas for improvement in operational or logistics processes.