VCI is the generic term for “Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor,” or “Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor,” a revolutionary technology that simplifies corrosion protection and is ideal for keeping enclosed void spaces rust-free. This type of packaging contains special chemicals that are scientifically designed to release rust-inhibiting molecules. These molecules attach themselves to the surface area of the metal.  This is more applicable for the middle east region where corrosion resulting from extreme weather conditions can easily corrode/decay the machines during storage and idling in a very short time. SAS provides a range of cost-effective solutions for short term and long-term preservation of facilities and equipment’s for storage and transport. SAS offers a complete solution for corrosion and rust removal using a wide range of VCI products including neutral PH products that are environmentally friendly & can remove rust from substrates without damaging the surface of the treated product. Depending on the type of metal and the level of contamination more aggressive and acidic rust removers can be used. VCI rust removers prevent flash rusting after rust removal.

Types of VCI protective packaging

  • VCI Paper
  • Poly films
  • VCI Bubble wrap
  • VCI Foams
  • VCI Plastic film
  • VCI stretch film