SAS International Marine Services LLC has complete in house facilities and technical expertise to assess your lashing and packaging requirements as well as ex-stock availability of the various materials and fittings required for the same as per industry specified and certified benchmarks. Our key personnel are highly experienced with more than 10 years of valuable contribution to this sector. We offer our services & supplies to all regions and ports in UAE and surrounding countries and our services are available 24 x 7. SAS offers a wide range of green packaging and is committed to use maximum biodegradable and reusable materials to achieve a greener & cleaner environment.

Our detailed services are as follows.

Inner Packing Services

At SAS we pay great attention to inner packing services as we strongly believe that appropriate inner packing / braising / blocking is critical to the safety of the cargo. We use different materials like bubble wraps, shrink wraps, thermocols, foams, corrugated sheets , padded timber, air bags, dunnage bags, Polyester straps etc and a wide range of other cushioning materials to protect your valuable cargo against shock, vibration, abrasion, corrosion and electrostatic discharge etc , while in transit or storage.

Wooden Packing Services

SAS manufactures a wide range of timber/wood packing products, right from small packets/boxes/ crates to huge shipping containers. The boxes can be designed for multiple handling with forklifts, cranes, trolley etc. and can be manufactured from different type of wood, plywood, OSB etc with heat treatment and fumigation as per the specific need of the customer. Our factory is equipped with the latest machines inclusive of the facility to manufacture collapsible no nail boxes.

Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap Services

SAS represents Dr. Shrink, the world leader in premium heavy duty shrink wrap i.e. the best solution for transportation and storage for almost any product. Dr. Shrink’s premium shrink wrap offers complete protection against weather damage and is manufactured with 100% virgin resin to ensure consistent mil thickness( lower quality shrink wrap allows more holes & weak spots) as well as maximum UV inhibitors (UV rays weaken the shrink wrap and without adequate inhibitors it won’t last long) to create a long lasting cover of 12 months and more.

Metal Barrier Foil

Metal barrier foil packing provides a protective shell against oxidizing, corrosion and moisture damage. The heat sealable product is an effective packaging solution for metal parts and equipment’s ensuring total climatic protection during transit and storage. SAS provides metal barrier foil packaging in various ranges and sizes as well as different standards/MIL specifications as required by the client.

Vacuum Packing Services

Vacuum Packing reduces atmospheric oxygen inside the package resulting in better protection against moisture,dust,salt and damaging effect of humidity, sunlight etc.thereby providing an excellent barrier against damages caused by atmospheric interference especially oxydizing and corrosion. Vaccum Packing is highly recommended for Electronic equipments, Military equipment, Pharmaceutical equipment, especially when these are in transit or extended storage.

VCI Packing Services (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors Packing)

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) are corrosion inhibiting compounds which when released into a close enclosure / package forms a very thin molecular layer on the metal surface which inhibits corrosion by preventing air and moisture from coming in contact with the metal surface . VCI inhibitors have a better reach , and are easy to apply, compared to traditional rust preventive methods thereby saving a lot of time and cost.

Cold Chain & Thermal Packing Services

Thermal Packaging protects cargo by blocking or reflecting the radiant heat and minimizing heat conduction inside the package. Manufactured from a range of protective insulation materials our thermal covers give highest levels of thermal protection across all modes of transport. The SAS team can advise and assist you in analyzing the different thermal considerations of the cargo and the support systems required to transport the cargo within the desired temperature range.

Heavy Duty Corrugated Packaging Services (Honeycomb/AAA)

Honeycomb paper products are solid yet lightweight, termite-free made from 100% recycled and environmental-friendly paper (0 % wood pulp, only old paper pulp) and is further 100% recyclable. These products are 60% lighter in weight, economical and environmental friendly compared to similar products made of fresh wood or plastic. Honeycomb paper products eliminate the hassles of import and export restrictions encountered with wooden pallets as they are exempted from ISPM 15 norms and does not require any fumigation or heat treatment.

Museum & Fine Art Packing Services

SAS fully understands the value of art and antiques and the specialized handling they require and that is precisely why our expert team provides the perfect package by cushioning, padding, foam insertions, insulated/padded wooden braises and supports etc. to cocoon your valuable artifacts in the most secured way . SAS stocks a wide range of inner packing materials required for such packings.

Stencilling and Coding Services

SAS represents Diagraph, the world leader in marking, coding and stencilling products and offers complete sales and services of these products. A wide variety of stenciling and coding products including primary and secondary color inks, solvents , rollers, stencilling oil boards, markers etc. are available ex stock in our Dubai facility. SAS also offers Diagraph manual and electronic stencil machines in a variety of sizes and choices.

Impact & Shock Monitoring Services

SAS provides Impact/Vibration monitoring services with a wide range of ShockWatch (Spotsee) indicators and recorders. Impact, Shock & Vibration monitoring is an integral part of machine condition monitoring programs. It allows to improve the performance and safety of equipment’s, extend its lifetime and avoid any unplanned downtime and maintenance. Change in equipment vibration serves as an early warning of decline in operating function and signals the need for maintenance to avoid more serious faults and/or failure.

Factory Relocation Services

SAS provides solutions for the entire factory relocations nationally and internationally along with its channel partners. Further SAS has the experience and resources required to access and quote for the complete scope of dismantling, retro-fitting and commissioning services. Our scope of services include Electrical & Mechanical decommission of all Machinery & Accessories, Removal of Machinery & Accessories, Loading of all Equipment to transport modules, Unloading of Equipment & retro-fitting, Electrical & Mechanical re-commission.

Package Designing / Repacking Services

SAS packaging experts can design or redesign a perfect package to fit your needs. We can design packaging for your new product from the start or redesign an existing package which is not working technically or cost wise. We can also repack existing package which are damaged or has to be rebranded. The in-house availability of a wide range of packaging materials gives us numerous options to customize your requirements.