Container Lashing Services

SAS specializes in lashing and securing of loose/palletized cargo in containers to prevent any kind of damage during transit. Our experienced personnel are trained to safely secure your valuable cargo using different types of lashing accessories and timber braising /blocking as required. We stock complete range of lashing materials like lashing straps/ belts, cargo nets/ bars , dunnage bags, chains & accessories , wooden dunnage etc thereby enabling us to respond immediately to all your requirements 24/7.

General Cargo Lashing Services

SAS is a complete solution provider for Lashing & Securing of General & Bulk Cargo by multiple modes of transport including sea , air, rail road as well as for long term and short term storage . Our technical expertise allows us to lash and secure the cargo with the appropriate lashing materials and technique , taking into account a wide range of parameters including weight , acceleration, modes of transport etc.

Heavy Machinery & Skid Lashing Services

SAS specializes in heavy machines/ Skids lashing. Special care is taken to provide appropriate handling/ lifting support for fork lifts. A wide range of options from basic polythylene sheets wrapping to long term VCI preservation packing can be additionally provided for the protection of the cargo during transit and transport.

Pipe Lashing Services

For pipe lashing various factors like weight, rolling radius, racking forces etc are carefully taken into consideration as per the mode of transportation to execute a fool proof lashing plan with appropriate lashing materials like heavy duty lashing straps, wire ropes, chains etc. as per their load and suitability. We also have in-house facilities to manufacture wooden saddles and skids to secure pipes in transit. We stock a number of padding materials to safely lash and secure pipes with sensitive surfaces .

Car Lashing Services

We are experts in stuffing and lashing of cars in 20’/40’ containers right from a single car to multiple cars in 2 layers as per the requirement of the clients. SAS has is own yard and ramp arrangements for car stuffing. Our skilled and experienced lashing teams are well equipped and work 24/7 to ensure timely deliveries to the port. We take extreme care in handling the vehicles and use only quality materials for stowing and lashing.

Boat & Yacht Lashing Services

Our highly trained and expert team ensures that your yacht is securely lashed during transit and transport and is safely delivered at the destination. Extreme care is taken in handling the boats to prevent even a minor paint damage. We have in house experts to build custom made steel/wooden skids for safe handling/lifting of the yacht. Dr.Shrink wrap from SAS provides an excellent and economical protective covering for the yachts/boats from extreme weather elements even in open deck.

Rig Packing Services

SAS has a dedicated team of well experienced personnel for rig packing and lashing. We are regularly doing rig packing jobs for our valuable clients. Our trained personnel are well- versed with the nature of packing and lashing required for different rig parts and can independently handle the same with minimal supervision, after this our expert teams pack and lash the rig parts simultaneously as it is dismantled and unloaded thereby saving a lot of cost and time.

Project Cargo Lashing Services

SAS is your ideal partner to lash & secure your project cargo like turbines, rigs, towers, plant & equipment, generators, reactors, boilers, locomotives, boats, satellites, military equipment’s etc. We can be your valuable associate for project cargo movements by taking control of the entire processes involved including handling ,packing and lashing of the cargo working round the clock with total geographical flexibility. We can also provide reports and certificates for the completed jobs from approved surveyors and classification societies as per your requirements.

Seaport / Onboard Lashing Services

SAS is the largest stockiest of container lashing materials in the middle- east region and we are well versed with the technicalities of container lashing as well as bulk cargo/ general cargo lashing in different types of vessels for both standardized cargo and non – standardized cargo. In case of non – standardized cargo we can provide technical solutions, services & supplies to install requisite lashing gears onboard to secure such cargo.